Seedhouse Coffee

Rotating Decaf


Rotating Decaf

Don't forget the other boy in the band! Decaf is often not given the same attention as Caf in the coffee world. At Seedhouse we take extra care to create delicious roast profiles for our Decaf that showcase the possibilities of SWP (Swiss Water Process) coffees. We took our green coffee buying philosophy and applied it to Decaf, as well:

"Buy great coffee and try to not mess it up."

We cycle this part of our lineup through high quality Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffees. Treat your decaf right and it will treat you right.

  • 12 oz
  • Whole Bean
  • Biodegradable Bag

Each Seedhouse Coffee is roasted to maximize that particular coffee's potential.  This could mean slightly lighter or darker, longer or shorter depending on what the beans are asking for.  In practice our coffees will taste more-or-less medium roasted, but we strive to bend each roast to really bring out our coffees' nuances and highlight the reasons we're excited to share a particular coffee.