Seedhouse Coffee

Fall blend 2022


Fall blend 2022

There’s a crispness in the air these Steamboat days as aspens trade out their green hues for brilliant gold.

It’s inspiring us to trade in our shorts and suits for knitted sweaters, cozy couches, good books, and a warm cup of coffee.

This delightful fall blend takes all four of our single origin coffees: Congo, Honduras, Mexico and Peru coming together to bring you a well-balanced, full-bodied, straight up good cup of joe.

Label Art: by Lacey Slifer


  • 12 oz
  • Whole Bean
  • Biodegradable Bag

Each Seedhouse Coffee is roasted using modern techniques to maximize its unique potential. This means adjustments slightly lighter or darker, longer or shorter, or other depending on what the beans have to offer.  In practice our coffees will taste more or less medium-roasted. We develop each coffee’s roast profile to complement and enhance the reasons we're excited to share it with you. 

Our seasonal blend labels celebrate each part of the year by featuring colors, weather, and animals seen during those times.