Seedhouse Coffee

Winter Blend 2021


Winter Blend 2021

From the green hills of Mexico and Ethiopia to the snowy highlands of Northern Colorado arrive the coffees featured in our 2021 Winter Blend! While roasting these coffees we did our best to augment their sweetness and vibrancy which we found evocative of their origins. Cozy notes of toffee, rye, and peach blossom prevail. Happy Winter! 

May you find yourself waist-deep in perfectly-spaced aspen...

  • 12 oz
  • Whole Bean
  • Biodegradable Bag

Each Seedhouse Coffee is roasted to maximize that particular coffee's potential.  This could mean slightly lighter or darker, longer or shorter depending on what the beans are asking for.  In practice our coffees will taste more-or-less medium roasted, but we strive to bend each roast to really bring out our coffees' nuances and highlight the reasons we're excited to share a particular coffee.

Our seasonal blend labels celebrate each part of the year by featuring colors, weather, and animals seen during those times. Steamboat artist Katie Earixson with MtnMnd Designs uses a combination of watercolor, gouache, and digital mediums to capture the magic of Northern Colorado.