Seedhouse Coffee

Great Coffees from Around the World

Every coffee we choose to share has something unique to say about where it came from and how it was processed.  We only offer those rare coffees that we get truly excited about.  Each one is roasted to a unique profile in order to bring out that particular coffee's nuances and highlight the reasons we're excited to share it with you.

Seedhouse Coffee Subscriptions

Meticulous Roasting

Our coffees are selected through an intensive process of tasting and elimination.  We create custom roast profiles for each coffee to highlight the unique flavor of each bean.

Craft Coffee + Convenience

Our coffees are conveniently delivered at the interval you select, so you'll always have a dependable supply of great coffee at your doorstep.  

Always 100% Organic

For the environment and for our bodies, we value sourcing only 100 % organic beans. Every single bag of coffee you buy at Seedhouse comes form an organic farm.

What People are saying

Best roast I have had in Colorado and that's me being totally honest. I have worked as a barista and absolutely love coffee and these guys do not disappoint. I cannot give them enough praise and will continue to drink their coffee whenever I can.

– Kingsrule

Awesome coffee. We’re 6 months into the subscription club and have enjoyed every batch. Quality beans and packaging. Highly recommend!

– Bryan T

Amazing coffee with each batch I have tried. Absolutely love this coffee every morning! Great flavor from a locally owned top notch small business!

– Amy M

Our Seedhouse Coffee subscription is the best! Big fan of their Mexican Chiapas and Espresso. It comes right on time each month and is consistently delicious.

– Kim O