Seedhouse Coffee

Roasting Fresh Right Now:

We roast delicious, nuanced coffees you wouldn't expect to find in a resort town.

The rarest coffees in the world.

While every coffee we ship is incredible, the real magic of a Seedhouse Coffee Subscription is that it allows us to share the rarest coffees with our subscribers.  A few times each year, we include small portions of some of the most celebrated, hard to find and expensive coffees in the world at no additional cost.  Names like Panama Geisha, Jamaica Blue Mountain, Kona, Haraaz and more are now within reach.

The Seedhouse Experience

Meticulous Roasting

Our coffees are sourced through an intensive process of tasting and elimination.  We create custom roast profiles for each coffee to highlight their unique flavor nuances and really make them shine.

The Story Behind the Beans

Each coffee ships with a brew card that relates the story of where it came from, explains interesting aspects of the coffee's context and provides tasting notes to guide you in enjoying it.

Convenient. No Commitment.

Our coffees are conveniently delivered at the interval you select, so you'll always have a dependable supply of great coffee at your doorstep.  There is absolutely no commitment and you can cancel easily any time.

People love Seedhouse coffee!

This is literally the best coffee I've ever had! I look forward to getting a new coffee every month!

– Emily C.

Whenever I’m stranded on an island, I insist on having my machete and a pound of Seedhouse Coffee.

– Tomakin A.